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No Grace, No Compassion

thWinnipeg’s Grace Hospital sounds like a place where you would like to go if you took ill, doesn’t it?  I mean, they wouldn’t name it ‘Grace’ if they did not at least try to live up to the name now would they?  Well if you have been keeping abreast of the news, grace doesn’t seem like something this hospital serves up.  At least not lately.

On December 30th, a 78 year old man was dishonorably discharged from the hospital and sent home by a cab after doctors proclaimed him fit enough to go and not ill enough to occupy their beds.  They thought he was so healthy that they did not think twice of sending him home in a cab still wearing his slippers and gown.  It didn’t matter that it was -38 degrees outside.  After all Winnipeggers are tough. Turns out that the elderly gentleman wasn’t that tough after all or sicker than the doctor thought.  Good thing cabbies always make sure their fares get inside their house before driving away.  Oh wait a minute, they don’t.  The cab door was barely closed before the cabbie drove away, leaving the scantily clad man to walk to his door alone.  He never made it inside, dying on his doorsteps.  To make it worse, he wasn’t found until the next day.

Within a day or so, another patient, same hospital, same process, same outcome.  Without Grace. Again, the cabbie was not around to see them safely inside on a cold night in Winterpeg.  Of course not. Not when the threat of losing their place in queue was at a risk.  Forget compassion.  This second patient never made it to a warm building.  Dying on the sidewalk.

Almost a year to the day, at another Winnipeg hospital, a discharged patient also collapsed and died on her doorstep.  She was not deemed ill enough to stay at Seven Oaks General Hospital.  Now while all fingers are pointed at these hospitals and rightfully so, I have to question the selfish and less than humane acts of the cabbies who dropped these people off without even a backward glance.  Who leaves a scantily clad old man outside in -38 weather without making sure they make it inside safely?  In fact, who lets out an elderly person from their vehicle without assisting them to their doors?

The cab drivers are just as guilty as the hospitals for failing to provide basic care.

Click on links below to read complete story.

Man dies on porch after release from hospital

2 Winnipeg patients die on doorsteps after being discharged

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2 thoughts on “No Grace, No Compassion

  1. These are horrible situations that should never have happened. I hope the investigations will bring some important changes.

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