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Canadians Heed Suggestion, Sign Up To Live On Mars.

Mars-OneWell that was fast! I blogged about our Winnipeg weather and how maybe we should live on Mars seeing as how our cold sometimes rivals that planet’s.   Read it here.  Well it wasn’t long before some Canadians decided to take me up on that.  I was only talking about Winnipeg but apparently, living on Mars sounded to good to pass up for the rest of Canada.

Seventy Five Canadians thus far have signed up to take part in a contest to earn themselves a one-way ticket to Mars.  As per the contest, they will live and die on Mars, whether it be  a day or several decades later.  Sounds pleasant, doesn’t it?  The mission sets off in 2023, giving the contestants ample time to change their minds.

As of posting, there was no firm indication that my blog had actually influenced Canadians to sign up for this foolhardy operation. (Us Canadians don’t really need a reason to do silly things),  but just in case, I will now be more careful in what I say.

Good thing I didn’t say go to hell…

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2 thoughts on “Canadians Heed Suggestion, Sign Up To Live On Mars.

  1. I saw the story about that Mars show a while ago. I decided I wanted to see how season 1 turns out first so all the kinks worked out before I sign up.

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