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Here’s Your Bomb Sir, Have A Safe Trip

English: TSA Passenger Screening

English: TSA Passenger Screening (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember not too long ago when you basically had to go through customs in the nude just to avoid getting hassled by airport security?  Your personal items for hygienic purposes were not allowed on the plane so you had to ditch the cologne and hair spray.  Well you can rest easy now.  Seems like we have no need to live and fly in fear anymore as they have loosened the security at airports.  Well to be fair, Edmonton airport at least.  Canadians eh?

The lax security became evident last September when teenager, Skylar Murphy of Alberta was not only allowed to go through security after he was found to be carrying a pipe bomb, but also handed back the contraband.  The guard tried to hand it back to Skylar who refused saying “You can keep it.”  Hey, noticed that this took place way back in September yet it’s breaking news now? 

Anyways, to save face and not look like the idiots that they were sure to be portrayed as, Edmonton cops were waiting for Skylar when he deplaned from his trip to Mexico.  They had bomb-sniffing dogs and a swat team to greet him.  For all this, the teen was charged with a whopping $100 fine, not even close enough to cover the deployment of the greeting party.  What a mess!

I am not sure what and where to go with this.  I can’t say the guard dropped the ball on this because it would be an insult to ball droppers.  This was not an oversight, just plain buffoonery and ineptitude.  Should the guard to fired? Of course! Without a doubt!  Trying to return a bomb to a passenger so he could take it on board thus endangering the safety of other flyers?  Unacceptable.  He should also be charged with some endangerment misdemeanor. Nuff said.

Maybe I’m too heavy-handed and it was just an oversight by the poor guard.  Maybe he had a stressful day and deserves some pity for his mistake.  But then again, it’s My Take.  Take it or leave it.

Where was this guy when I tried bringing a couple of bottles of rum back from St. Vincent?

Can You Hold My Pipe While I Board This Plane?

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