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400 Priests Defrocked By Pope In Just Two Years!

English: Pope Benedict XVI

English: Pope Benedict XVI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unfortunately, when one, or is it just me? hears about Popes and Priests, it’s difficult not to think of sexual molestation.   It’s not my fault, it’s the perpetrators who by their selfish crime has placed this permanent black stain on the Priesthood.

Apparently Pope Benedict has defrocked, not in that way, close to 400 child molesters disguised as Priests.  No matter how you look at it, this is a disturbingly high number.  It’s even more alarming that this number represents one organization.  An organization where members vow to love, cherish and protect their fellow-men. And children. They also vow to practice celibacy and maybe that’s where the problem lies.  Or is it?

What is also very scary is that these criminals or Priests do not face jail time or criminal charges. “The maximum penalty for a priest convicted by a church tribunal is essentially losing his job: being defrocked, or removed from the clerical state. There are no jail terms and nothing to prevent an offender from raping again.” So there’s nothing to stop them from re-offending and nothing to stop sexual deviants from taking advantage of this immunity by becoming Priests.  Which makes me wonder if these sexually depraved beings were so wired before joining the Priesthood or did they become pedophiles from their celibacy vows.  Interesting eh?

Let me be blunt here.  Any organization that continues to churn out sexual deviants and child molesters to such a degree  should be thoroughly investigated and the offending ones brought to justice.  Forget defrocking, isn’t that what got them into trouble in the first place?  (Sorry about the pun).  What’s good for the goose should also be good for the gander, priest or not.  Meaning if everyone else is expected to go to jail and be on a sex offenders’ list, why shouldn’t this apply to priests also?

I rest my case and as usual, this is just My Take.  After all, these priests could very well be nice people who did bad stuff.

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2 thoughts on “400 Priests Defrocked By Pope In Just Two Years!

  1. Just losing their job is just giving them a slap on the wrist and giving them freedom – not much of a punishment in my eyes. Penalties for a crime should apply to everyone. Nobody should be exempt, no matter who they are or. Being a priest should not give someone the privilege to sin and get away with it. We are all equal in the eyes of God.

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