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Pope’s Peace Doves Attacked By Warlike Birds

th2If this isn’t one of the most ironic twist you have ever heard of, then I don’t know what is.  In a gesture watched by thousands, Pope Francis had children release two doves of peace.  In what could be taken as a eerie omen, the doves were pounced upon by a seagull and a crow moments after being released. Omen, irony or just coincidence?

I am not one who is prone to superstitious beliefs but if you are, then this bit of oddity could be seen as an omen that peace is under attack. Not like we really need to see doves being shredded to pieces by birds of prey for this to hit home. What a traumatic experience for the kids to witness.

Like I said, I am not superstitious. A bit of a conspiracy theorist but that’s about it. The doves of peace being attacked illustrates the ongoing and gradual dismantling of world peace. Actually forget dismantling, it’s a war on peace out there.  Terrorism against peace.  Those who set out to offer an olive branch get their hands ripped off. Peace is like an endangered specie.

This is still just my take. All efforts to bring about universal peace must continue. It’s our only hope for survival. We will keep releasing peace doves until the crows and seagulls eat themselves to death.  After all, we still have to give peace a chance.

My Take.

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