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Teens Gone Wild

Cover of "Hannah Montana The Movie"

Cover of Hannah Montana The Movie

So Canadian star, Justin Bieber got jailed last week eh?  Did you know that when Canadians celebs act up, Americans make sure everyone knows they are from Canada?  “We don’t want their kind tainting our beautiful land of the free and home of the brave.”  It’s not like they don’t have their share of Celebrities Gone Wild down there.  But on a serious note and all country bashing aside, what’s with these young celebs these days?  From the once innocent Amanda Bynes to cute as a button Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus, it’s raining spoiled brats out there!

Talking about innocent and cute, Justin Bieber launched his career highly based on his boyish innocence and charm.  He was the kid you just wanted to hug.  What happened that turned these once innocent teens into imps?  Is there anything anyone could have done to avert it?

Well thrusting a kid into the limelight is a gamble.  It’s the same thing as an adult winning the lottery.  You have read and heard the stories of normal people who won millions only to have their lives spiral out of control. If it can happen to us adults, then think of the impact on a less-than-prepared kid.  It’s all good and cute when they are still living under the watchful eye of their parents but as soon as they come out from that umbrella, it’s the world to explore with all the money to do it. It’s bound to happen to an unprepared adolescent.

You ask, “Well there are a lot of stars who started out as child actors and managed to keep on the straight and narrow.”  To that I will say,  “Of course!  There are also a lot of lottery winners who managed to stay level-headed even though they just went from dirt poor to instant have-it-alls.”  There are exceptions.  It’s all about how ready and prepared they were.

I slammed the responsibility down at the feet of the parents of these troubled youths.  Oh yeah, I went and said it.  Good thing it’s my take eh? I mean these kids’ parents go on television and say the right things but were they saying those right things when they were needed to be said?  Did  you intervene when your kid was busy driving Lamborghinis and smoking pot?  Did you confront your twerking kid or did you say oh they were just having fun?  Were you even there or were you too busy spending the money they were bringing in?  A lot of these kids are not even mature enough to live alone yet own big and expensive ‘cribs’.

I listen to the radio and I have mixed emotion. I want to say, “Good for Bieber, the spoiled brat! He deserves it!” You know that feeling that hides in the back of your mind that makes you want to see the mighty fall?  But does he really? Does Miley? Does Amanda?  Is it ok to put them up and knock them all down with disregard to their youth? Us adults spent countless hours talking about these teens and their erractic behavior but seriously, we are talking about kids here. I know, I too have forgotten that part and joined in the adult-bashing-teens discussions.  It’s a form of voyeurism at the expense of these kids.

So maybe it’s time we take a long hard look at what we have created, what we are creating and how we could fix it.  But Honey Boo Boo is sooo cute…

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2 thoughts on “Teens Gone Wild

  1. In Bieber’s case, his father did more than stand by – he was an enabler. He was the one who participated in blocking off streets so that his son could drag race. After being charged, a photo was shown of the backyard where Bieber and his father discussed the events that took place. A photo was taken showing a pile of empty beer bottles. Instead of acting like a parent, his father acted as an enabler!

    Bieber is an icon: a cult legend within teen circles. He has the power to influence and to be more of a role model. Instead, he is focused on just having a good time with no regard as to the consequences of his own actions.

    If your child acted like this, and had this type of attitude, what would you do?

    • That totally backs up what I am saying that the parents some enable their kids by not being a voice or a disciplinarian. As someone whose parenting style is greatly influenced by my Caribbean culture, I would not tolerate behaviour or attitude like this. Totally unacceptable! From Justin’s actions and if you watched some footage of his life, you could easily see that he was missing something in way of parenting. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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