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Bye Bye Sweet Sheex

thI never heard about Sheex before until a friend decided that we needed a set for Christmas.  It was a very expensive gift and we thought of giving it back.  We should have.  I am not sure what we were expecting but whatever it was it wasn’t what we got.

The material that the Sheex (or is it just sheex?) is made of rubs against your feet the wrong way.  Even the best scrubbed feet feel like sandpaper against it.  No good.  If you are prone to night sweats, stay away from Sheex.  Your sweat mingles with the fabric to create an unpleasant odor.

After a month of trying to see if maybe the Sheex would grow on us, my wife and I finally came to a unanimous conclusion.  Sheex had to go.  The only positive thing I could say about these sheets is that they looked not-too-bad, but for that price, they should.

This is just my opinion.  And my wife’s.  Many people swear by them.  Maybe I’m missing something.  Maybe I’m supposed to put batteries in them somewhere or plug them in or use with an app…either way, My Take? Stay away from these Sheex.

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