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Tablets and Patches of Clonidine, Comprimés et...

Tablets and Patches of Clonidine, Comprimés et patch transdermique de clonidine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last time I went to see my doctor he asked me how a particular medication he had prescribed were working for me.  “Errr…well doc, I um…haven’t taken it in sometime.”  “Oh you missed a few doses?.” He asked. “Hmm…well a bit more than that.”  “A month?” He persisted.  I had enough of the game and blurted out, “I stopped taking it way back.”  He still was not satisfied. “Like how far back? Last month?”  “Try like almost a year ago.”  I watched as he wrote in my chart, ‘medication non-compliance.’

I have always hated medication in any form.  I am anti-vaccine and as a matter of fact, I am not that into doctors either.  Don’t get me wrong there are some great doctors out there who do a wonderful job keeping our motors running. They have saved many lives.  Some has taken many lives also.  I usually take what my doctor tells me with a grain of salt and some common sense.  “You should get the H1N1 vaccine for yourself and also your family.”  He once said to me.  I resisted of course.  Why take it when the common flu was way deadlier than H1N1?  I never take flu shots and have never had the flu.

When my blood pressure was in the keep-an-eye-on-it range, my doctor hastily put me on a range of medications without first discussing healthier alternatives.  He didn’t talk about how maintaining a healthy lifestyle could benefit me.  Our society’s growing dependence on the pill is alarming.  (Not that pill).  That magic in a bottle is the cure-all for what ails you.  Can’t sleep? Take a pill.  Can’t have an erection? Well duh, take a blue pill.   Feeling ok?  Take a pill in case.  It’s mostly all in the mind as studies have shown. The placebo effect?

Growing up in St. Vincent, even though the myth would say that as a third world country, diseases are rampant in those parts, I have never seen the various forms of illnesses as I see in Canada. As a matter of fact, I never knew anyone with food allergies.  Peanut allergy? Unheard of.  At least by me.  Now so many kids are allergic to just about anything. Good thing there’s a pill for that. If that fails, there’s always an app.

...but they didn't warn us about the rednecks....

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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