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Yet Another Gun-Happy Cop?

Good cop, Bad cop

Good cop, Bad cop (Photo credit: .scribe)

Let me put this in the best way possible.  Police are laden with great responsibility.  Protecting civilians while at the same time protecting themselves.  That’s why they carry a gun.  Unfortunately, some cop never mature past the point where as kids they would point play-guns at their friends, parents and animals and fire.  “Bang! You are dead!” Meaning they are quick on the draw.  Shooting at every opportunity.

Too many stories tell of cops shooting at a someone wielding a less-than-threatening object.  A purse, a cell or a even a shoe.  Yes, I understand in some situations cops could feel threatened by whatever the person was brandishing and it’s self-preservation.  But in a lot of cases, it’s cut and dried.  Take for example the case yesterday where a man in Quebec, was shot and killed for waving a hammer like it was a wmd. here. If he was looking down the handle of the hammer like a sniper gun, I could see the confusion but if you passed the police exam you should at least have enough brain cells to distinguish a hammer from a gun and react accordingly.  If my kid comes at me with a hammer, I am sure I would not think “Kill him before he gets you!”

Maybe policemen need to trained how to stop someone without hitting them in the heart or the head.  We aren’t talking about Osama here.  With mental health being a big topic these days, it’s time to retrain our boys in blue on how to identify and deal with someone who is ‘sick’.  It’s a thin line that separates a good cop from a bad cop.  Some lose their balance. Just my take.

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