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Jesus on toast

Jesus on toast (Photo credit: topicagnostic)

Jesus seems to have a habit of popping up in the most unlikely of places.  On toasts, furniture, fabric and clouds.  Clouds I could see as the Bible said he will be coming out of the clouds but it never mentioned that we will see him on the food we eat.  The latest in Jesus sightings is a by a woman from New Mexico who is alleged to have seen Jesus on her toes.  I’ll give you a second to laugh.

Ok, the joke’s over.  This woman claimed that Jesus showed up on her toe after she bruised it and got her boyfriend to rubbed some dirt on it.  Well not just any dirt, dirt from a Catholic pilgrimage shrine.   Well now it all makes sense.  Should have read that sooner.   Pilgrimage shrine, holy dirt…that’s a recipe right there for a holistic sighting. There’s no word yet on if she intends to sell her bruised digit on Ebay as did her predecessors.

As a kid staring up at the clouds and imagining them to be the shapes of various animals, even at that young age, I was not that gullible to run off and tell my parents, “Mom! Mom! Come quick!  There’s a lion chasing a sheep! Look up mom, in the clouds!”  Maybe it was because I wasn’t on cheap drugs.

My Take, lay off the mind-altering stuff.

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