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That’s Not How It Looked In The Ads!

thWhat you see is sometimes not what you get, especially when it comes to food commercials.  As a big fan of burgers, I lick my lips when I see ads for burgers on TV or even billboards.  Red tomatoes with beads of water, green leaves of lettuce peering from between two halves of soft looking buns, (I like buns!) a nice layer of mayonnaise squirted evenly.  Mmmm….How could I resist?  I must have THAT!

At the burger joint, it’s a entirely different burger that I get.  From an appetite-inducing ad to this unsightly mess of an excuse for a burger. The buns looking like Safeway day-olds.  Wilting lettuce resting on an uncomfortable bed of disorganized and soggy tomatoes.  Mayo and ketchup squirted on like a kid’s finger painting.   Well of course I eat it!  I said I loved burgers, didn’t I?

You think next time they could maybe put a little more effort into creating a close-enough replica of the real thing? Or if not, show me exactly what my burger would look like when I buy it.  A messy mayo dripping, tomato-soaked bun with a hastily-slapped on patty made by some distracted teen thinking of her next Facebook status.  Don’t worry, I will still eat it.



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