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Ban Hockey Hooligan Parents!

hockey-4In an effort to weed out the over zealous parents who make it hard for players, coach and referees alike, Hockey Winnipeg is implementing a Respect In Sport program that trouble maker parents need to take.  I am not sure how effective this would be as only one parent need to take it.  Most likely the one who really needs to take it would balk at this.

I am more in favor of a lifetime ban imposed on these parents who take things a bit too far.  Yelling at their kids for not scoring or not playing up to their expectations, cursing the coach for not giving the kids more ice time and just being downright obnoxious is unacceptable.  Then there’s the physical side of it.  Yes, these so-called adults actually get involved in punch-ups with players and officials alike!  We are talking about kids here.  Just last week, some hockey parents from Friendly Manitoba got a bit unfriendly down in Fargo, North Dakota, getting into a scrap in the dressing room of some 8-year olds.  That’s an automatic lifetime ban for fighting.

What kind of example are we setting for our kids? And we even try to blame them when they turn out like the Justin Biebers?  Forget about the course, hit them where it hurts.  Keep them away from your kids and my kids who just want to have fun and enjoy a good game.  Ban them for life!

Okay, maybe I’m not being realistic here and a lifetime ban might be pushing it.  Well how about charging them with public disturbance?  Or endangering a minor?  If that doesn’t work, how about back to plan A? What’s that? Duh! Ban them for life of course!


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2 thoughts on “Ban Hockey Hooligan Parents!

  1. It really bothers me when I hear about things like this happening or see people acting like morons in front of their children. It is often these parents that wonder why their children become aggressive, angry and violent. We have to be a good example if we want our children to become responsible adults.

    Charging these adults with being a public disturbance or endangering a minor is something that should be done. Even banning them from going to a game should be an option. The problem is, people who show this kind of behaviour probably don’t know how to be responsible themselves because of the environment they were raised in. They should be sent to classes where they can learn how to deal with their anger issue and understand how they are affecting their children and everyone around them. Just punishing them won’t change their attitude or behaviour.

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