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I Am Now Officially A Dog

This image shows a young mixed-breed dog. The ...

This image shows a young mixed-breed dog. The parents are a white shepherd dog and an alsatian dog. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am changing species.  I know what you are thinking, “What the heck is he talking about now?”  Let me explain…

I recently blogged about the way some parents behave at their kids hockey games.  Yelling at referees, starting fights and just being plain obnoxious.  Because of this, Winnipeg Hockey made it mandatory for such parents to take a course before they could be at a game.  It’s appalling and should not be tolerated and in my blog I called for banning these so-called parents from attending games.

A few days later, hockey violence involving 12-year old players kids reared its ugly head almost in my backyard.  It was all caught on tape and you can hear the parents verbally abusing the refs who had their hands full to begin with.  It’s always the referees fault.  It’s the referees fault why there’s a fight.  Refs fault why these parents would stop at nothing to see their kids become the next big NHL star found in a small town in Winnipeg.  How can we rail against kids for being goons while we act like goons at their games?..anyways, back to the topic.  After hearing this, I realized that even banning said parents would not be a solution.  I then concurred that maybe I am missing the point here.  Maybe we as humans are evolving into beasts. It’s not just hockey, it’s everything.  Beasts everywhere! Animals abound.  So, I am getting out while there’s still time.  I am jumping ship.  Changing species.  From now on I am no longer part of the human race.  I am a dog.

I am ashamed to be called a human if being a human means acting selfishly towards another human.  I am embarrassed to be classed in the same specie as those who prey on each other whether physically, mentally or otherwise.  When humans who expect their kids to be decent, (or is that just me?) exhibit behavior that is reserved for the lowest of rabid animals, I can’t be identified with them.  I was wrong.  Proper conduct courses and bans would not save this doomed specie.

Yes, I am now officially a dog.  And I’m proud of it.  Woof!

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2 thoughts on “I Am Now Officially A Dog

  1. Especially cute pooch! Way to go!!! To LOL visit the PL’s videos…

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