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If There’s No Fun In Your Life There’s No life In You

thEveryone has good days and bad days.  Of course, it’s human.  How we deal with the bad days is another story.  It’s what defines us.  Some have that ability to roll with the punches and stay unruffled while others allow themselves to be tossed about by the winds of their emotions.  They succumb to their feelings and let them govern their actions and behavior.  It’s all cool and dandy until this behavior interferes with how they react with the innocent ones around them.

We all know a fuddy duddy.  You know that one with the permanent scowl?  The scowl gets bigger when those around them are having fun.   Yes, they lurk in your workplace.  Perpetual grumps who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.  Well at least they act like they do.  Always seeing the cup as half empty rather than half full.  Yep, hate to say it but they have no life.  Really, they don’t.

What about those up and down grumps?  They are awesome to get along with when they are up but don’t go near them when they are having their stay-away-from-me day.   You’d better walk on pins and needles.  Jekyl and Hyde is in the house!  But yesterday they were so much fun.  What could have happened?  Is it something I said?  Or did?  Would the real person please stand up?

Life’s about having fun.  Making the most of every day and being thankful.  There are days when you are not feeling up to being a social butterfly but there are ways to deal with those days.  If you are celebrating life and having fun, don’t let the Debbie Downers and the Negative Nellys rain on your parade.  If you are the perpetual grump with a chip on shoulder, get a life.  Seriously, you need one.  Trust me, you do!  Well unless you are bipolar then you have a valid excuse.  So, are you bipolar?


Note:  There are those who have a genuine medical reason for being moody and maybe even grumpy.  This blog by no means trivializes these ailments.  I am also not endorsing anyone to be the office clown in the name of life enjoyment.  The overly-happy employee is sometimes just as bad as Mr. Grumpy Pants.

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2 thoughts on “If There’s No Fun In Your Life There’s No life In You

  1. Life is too short to spend with all the negativities. And let’s all remember that life is unfair. We have to accept it. And it’s up to us to be able to bring it to our advantage. And always be an optimist.

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