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Let’s Work On What’s Here Before We Worry About Out There.

Planets and dwarf planets of the solar system

Planets and dwarf planets of the solar system (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Last week I heard on the news that 715 new planets were discovered by scientists.  Big news in the world of science and discovery.  The impact of this announcement was however lost on me.  I heard it and my thoughts were, “Should I really care?  Should we really be spending that much on discovering new worlds when we can’t take care of the one we live on?  Are we planning on finding new worlds to destroy after we are through destroying ours?  What do we have planned for any extraterrestrials that we might find lurking out there?  Treat them the same as we treat the humans we have living next door to us?  So much wasted.  For what?  How about if we exhaust our efforts to building and fostering better relationships with our fellow earthlings?  How about discovering the science of being human to a fellow  human?”


Yes, that’s exactly what I thought.  Maybe I am misguided.  Maybe finding out more about the earth and what makes it tick would open us up to a whole new world of understanding each other.  Maybe I am just being pessimistic when I conclude that man landing on the moon, (so they say) did not really change humans in any way, shape or form.  Or maybe it did and I missed it.


So many planets, so little time…


Just my take.



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