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The Other Olympians

thQuick question, how many medals does Canada have in the Paralympics that’s taking place in Sochi?  Don’t know?  Don’t worry, I don’t either.  Do you care?  Again don’t worry, not too many do. 

The Winter Olympics in Sochi came to an end a few weeks ago. At least the games we love. We watched as our beloved athletes performed to the best of their abilities. Cheered them as they raced to a spot on the podium. How could we not? It was on every television.  We heard their stories, saw glimpses inside their private lives and for a while, they enjoyed their status as celebrities.  Some will enjoy this status for the rest of their lives.

These were the athletes that we sent to represent us with funding and assistance.  They leave with much fanfare and arrive with a hero’s welcome.  Stepping off their planes into the arms of throngs of well-wishers.  City streets and landmarks would be named after those who excelled.  For those who didn’t make it on the podium, it didn’t matter.  We love them.

A week after the Winter games in Sochi concluded, the real Winter games started, also in Sochi. In terms of glitz,  glamor and coverage it paled grossly in comparison .  There could be no better story than the stories these Olympians tell.  Overcoming mental and physical adversities to do what many said they couldn’t.  Yes, this should be what the Games are about.  Readers, this is the true spirit.  The stuff that dreams are made of.

So why is it that these olympians who deserve to be treated as equals to their abled counterparts are not?  How come they are given just a passing mention on the evening sports news even though they are doing exactly what the real ‘others’ did, represent their countries? Don’t they deserve a bit more? A lot more?  They are like the ugly step-sister, an after-thought.  For them, there are no ‘darlings’ of the Games, no ‘Queens’ of the ice.  In fact, there are no faces to remember. 

Just My Take.


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One thought on “The Other Olympians

  1. You are right. Many of these disabled athletes accomplish far more than many of us with abilities could ever dream of doing. They deserve high recognition.

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