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Hawaiian Cops Have Sex With Hookers Just To Make Sure

Prostitute talking to a potential customer in ...

Prostitute talking to a potential customer in Western Europe – Kay Chernush for the U.S. State Department (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

See? I told you we were living in a messed up world where right is wrong and wrong is right and nothing is as they seem and your friends are your enemies and…ok you get the point.  Here’s more proof, did you know that the cops in Hawaii were actually allowed to have sex with hookers? I guess to make sure the woman they were arresting was a real genuine hooker and not pretending to be one.   Sadly, this right to have penetrative sex with prostitutes is now being threatened and the cops are protesting.  I mean, who doesn’t want to have free sex with a hooker?  It’s a beat any good cop worth his salt would die for.

What happened to taking a prostitute at their word? Didn’t they used to bust them as soon as they took money?  Now they need proof of sale? Proof that involves all and every sexual act hookers engaged in?  These cops have the audacity and the nerve to protest the law that is threatening to nip this practice in the bud. How else could we be certain they are hookers?  They argue.  Hmm…Do you get high with drug dealers to make sure they are the real deal?  Rob banks to catch real bank robbers?  Come on, gimme a break!  It’s funny, but not ha ha, that grown men actually think it’s a perk to expose themselves to life threatening diseases just so they could enjoy a hooker’s wares for free.  I say these men are Johns posing as cops.  Fulfilling their fantasies legally.

I am hoping that there are no sexual bias here and the cops are just as eager to sample the male hookers as they are to sample the females.  Yes, it’s the height of stupidity and another sure sign that we are living in end times.  Sodom and Gomorrah says I.   But don’t take me to seriously because after all it’s just…

My Take.

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