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Pilots assist in search of MH370

Pilots assist in search of MH370 (Photo credit: #PACOM)

This week, the Malaysian Government declared that without a doubt, the missing Jetliner had crashed in the India Ocean.  My initial response was, “What? They finally got some tangible evidence?”  Then upon hearing that they were basing their solid and indisputable conclusion on satellite images,  Satellite-Data Analysis they call it, I thought, “What crap is this?”

Strangely, the analysis was not provided to the families of the missing passengers.  They were not provided to anyone for that matter.  For such a high-profile case, this flimsy excuse was a letdown.  Until findings could be provided or actual debris from the plane seen and touched by human hands, this case is definitely not closed.  It’s still an unsolved mystery.

Grieving families need closure.  They need to know that someone or something saw the plane take its last plunge.  If that something is a satellite data analysis, they need to see the data.  They need to see what made the authorities come to such a conclusion.  They are owed a better explanation.


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