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Does It Matter If Jesus Was Married Or Not?

The issue of whether Jesus had a wife or not is a hot topic of discussion. Depending on who you ask, you could get different answers with corroborating evidence to back up both sides. The latest so-called evidence to provide proof of Jesus’ marital status was a papyrus fragment with writings signifying that Jesus spoke of his wife. Studies done on the fragments found that it was not a fake and so the debate rages on.

Now what if Jesus did have a wife? What could this mean to us Christians? Do we question The Book and its authenticity? Or do we question the ‘evidence’? Does it even matter if he did or didn’t have a spouse? To me, I really couldn’t care less if I found out that he was married. As long as I didn’t find out he was a cheating husband who abused his wife. So why look under rocks to question the life of Jesus? After all, even though he was sent by God in human form, he still technically was not ‘one of us’.

So, would it matter to you if it was proven without a doubt that Jesus was married?



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2 thoughts on “Does It Matter If Jesus Was Married Or Not?

  1. Well, it would matter to those who insist on a celibate priesthood. And it might matter for those who are looking for a family line of descendants who might form a priestly tribe along the lines of the Levites. And it might matter to those who want to keep Jesus largely apart from everyday humanity.
    For those of us who turn to a Holy Spirit-infused Christianity, though, the possibility simply enlarges the examples we find in the life and work of Jesus.

    • I guess everyone has their own reasons for wanting to know. For me, I am fine with it the way it is. There are more than enough unanswered questions as it is. Thanks for your comments!

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