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Only 3 Dead In Iraq Bombing?

pearl-harbor-newspaperLast week I had the sudden realization that I was losing my sensitivity.  Not alarmingly but enough to blog about it.  What made me come to this conclusion?  Well I was listening to the news, the news junkie that I am, and they were reporting the regular stuff.  Bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan, violence in Syria…I found myself waiting to hear what the death toll was and when it was mentioned that one or two people died, I unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.  Only one dead, that’s not too serious.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am still sensitive enough to know that for that one dead person’s family, this is the biggest of the big things, even though to me it barely register as news worthy.  You see, I am becoming desensitized.  Not a good thing but it’s created by my over exposure to violence on the news.

Every day the news gets starker.  “Man killed and ate victims” “Bombings in Iraq kills hundreds” “Teen stabs five to death” and so it goes on.  Punctuating this with “Man killed by bus while walking” dims the impact of this tragedy.  It just doesn’t elicit the same mental response.   Is it tragic on the same scale?  Of course it is.  Every life cut short by misfortune is just as tragic as the other.  Unfortunately, the significance becomes lost after prolonged exposure to the ‘big ones’.   “300 missing when  ship capsized” sure gets my attention faster than “2 missing when fishing boat flips”.

I predict that soon we would be able to ignore the small instances of crimes taking place in plain view.  Rape, murder, theft, etc.  Oh, wait a minute!  We already are.  Or at least that’s…MY TAKE


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2 thoughts on “Only 3 Dead In Iraq Bombing?

  1. I agree. People don’t seem to get upset about much these days. The more exposure we have to violence, the less it matters. Until we are personally involved, then it hits a nerve.

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