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Bieber, America’s Most Unwanted

English: NYC signing September 1, 2009 at Nint...

English: NYC signing September 1, 2009 at Nintendo Store – New York City, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have said it a few times that I don’t follow celebrities.  In fact I couldn’t care less what they were doing or not doing.   In spite of this, I sometimes have no choice but to jump all over a hot topic even if it is Hollywood gossip.  It’s blogging.  So I couldn’t resist when I heard that Canadian bad boy, Justin Bieber was the subject of a petition to deport him from the Holy Land.  No, not Israel,  the US of A.  Ok fine, the Unholy Land.

It takes 100, 000 signatures to get the US Government to look at a petition but that was not an issue as over 270,000 signatures were gathered on a petition2 to get JB deported back to his home country of Canada.  That’s like three times the population of my country!  This is serious stuff!  And to think, this all came about because of a DUI.  I mean, he did some other criminal stuff like egging houses, graffiti, public weed smoking and a few incidences of hitting someone, which would be like your 5-year-old hitting you; misdemeanors by a young and errant rich kid who lacks guidance.

Now to be serious, (Like I ever am), this delinquent youth did and still does some dumb stuff (No, I’m not sticking up for the Biebs), but no one really got hurt.  So why is he is a prime candidate for deportation?  I mean it’s not like he’s tainting the squeaky clean image of America or anything.  Was there a petition to deport Russel Crowe or Mel Gibson?  What I’m really saying is that seeking deportation for the Biebs for his childish petty crimes is a bit much, don’t you think?  You don’t have to agree because it’s just…

My Take.

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