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My Take On Donald Sterling

thThe web is awash with criticisms for Donald Sterling over his alleged racist remarks caught on tape.  On the recordings, the voice alleged to be Sterling’s, who is also the owner of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers, was heard telling his girlfriend that he does not want black people at his games and other anti-black remarks.   The irony of it is that his obviously gold-digger girlfriend was part black and so too is 99.9% of the team he owns!

Everyone from President Obama to Michael Jordan has voiced their opinion on the matter.  The Clippers also showed their displeasure by turning their jerseys inside out during a playoff game, hiding the team logo.  I usually don’t let stuff like this bother me nor do I get surprised when someone displays such ignorance. I take it all in stride.  Why?  Because I have come to accept that the world is not a perfect place and people are not always what they seem.

Now at first sight, one might think that owning a team made up of mainly black athletes would mean that the owner has some form of race acceptance, especially of blacks, right?  In fact, you won’t be going too far to think that he might even be a cool guy like say…Rob Ford.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  As my Grandmother would say, “Every shine teeth nah good laff,”  loosely translated to mean that not everyone smile is genuine. And Mr. Sterling proved just that.

As long as there are races, there would always be racism in just the same way that there would be murders as long as there are humans.  So as the young people would say, ‘Let the haters hate.’  Donald Sterling is ignorant.  Donald Sterling is a disgrace.  Donald Sterling is a setback to civilization.  Too bad there are many Donald Sterlings out there.  You can read about some of them here.

My Take.

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2 thoughts on “My Take On Donald Sterling

  1. “As the man from Galilee would say “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at him.” Okay everyone can go home now. #dropsmic 

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