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Execution Of The Innocents

Two stories this week provided good reasons why the practice of executing prisoners should be abolished.  I have always been outspokenly against this barbaric act that goes against every progress humanity has made.  If hitting our kids for hitting other teaches them to be violent, what does killing people for killing another teach?

On Tuesday,  death row inmate Clayton Lockett was injected a cocktail of drugs to put him to sleep.  Almost fifteen minutes later, the should-be- dead man lifted his head and started mumbling.  The execution was halted for obvious humanitarian reasons but the guy died of a heart attack forty minutes later.  Cruel? You think?  But who cares, right? We are talking about inmates here.  Who cares how they die?  As long as they die like their victims died.  You can read about that story here.

A recent research released this week also found that ‘Hundreds of inmates in the US sentenced to death are innocent’.  No surprised there.  Which also raises the question of how many of those innocent inmates are actually executed?  And that’s just the USA!  But again, who really gives much credence to this anyways?  So what if a few are innocent?  Luck of the draw.






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