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Frank Friday: Bring Back Our Girls!

meagan-good-bring-back-our-girlsIn light of what has happened and is happening in Nigeria, I am adding my voice to the protest for the safe return of the kidnapped school girls.  It is an atrocity.  All crimes are bad but crimes against children just takes it to that next level of criminal.

This is what happens when we let madmen run at a full gallop without reining them in.  Boko Haram,  the terrorist organization responsible for the kidnappings,  has been around for over 10 years, committing heinous crimes with impunity.  Their recent kidnappings brought them into the spotlight but they are not new to acts of terrorism.  They should have been nipped in the bud but unfortunately, the world was busy looking the other way.

It is alleged that the victims would be sold into slavery, which means they would be either be child brides or part of the kid-sex industry, which incidentally, is supported largely by North American men seeking cheap thrills, even at the expense of exploited kids.  (But that’s another blog).

In the meantime, let’s join together to fight for the safe return of our missing girls.  Yes, our girls.


Sorry about the ‘North American men exploiting kids for sex’ bit but it’s MY TAKE.




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