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So, How Are The 9000 People You Follow Doing?

thWhile browsing Twitter the other day, I noticed one user followed 9024 people.  9024!  How the heck do you or would you want to follow that many people? I am sorry but if you are following that many people, then a few things come to mind.  You spend way too much time on Twitter, you really don’t care about these people and you are padding your stats thinking it looks cool.

I hate it when someone I barely know tells me that if I follow them they will follow me. That’s not how it works buddy.  I only follow you if I find you or your writings interesting enough to make me want more.  I won’t follow you just because you follow me.  That would be too much work having to delete all the unwanted daily notifications that you have updated your status, have posted a tweet or at a restaurant.  And seriously, do you want a follower for a follower sake or someone who really likes what you are putting out?

Don’t get mad, try and understand the logic of it.  Why follow someone if you find them uninteresting? Oh yeah, so they could follow you back.


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