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Roughing It With Wifi Access,

Feel like roughing it outdoors for a weekend and being one with nature but just can’t ‘lose connection’?  Well have no fear,  Parks Canada will be installing wireless hotspots to up to 50 parks this year and just last year, Winnipeg saw three campgrounds gaining wireless access.  So there you go! You can rough it just like a boss, literally.

When I think of going camping, thoughts of sitting in my tent browsing the internet is not what I think of.  In fact, I actually enjoy the fact that I sometime lose my cell phone connection.  It means I have to put the useless thing away.  Some may argue, “But what if there’s an emergency?” and I will counter with, “Well what did you use before?”  Or they may say, “I need to stay connected with work and family.”  To which I would respond, “Get a life. Maybe you should camp in your work’s parking lot or in your backyard.”  Sometimes we seem to forget that we existed quite well before there was this mass electronic reliance.

What next? Fully furnished condo rentals in the parks for those who want to rough it but just can’t shed their pampered lifestyle?

Just My Take…

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