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So Long Snoop Snake

Snoop Dogg - Hovefestivalen 2012

Snoop Dogg – Hovefestivalen 2012 (Photo credit: NRK P3)

I was never a fan of Snoop Dogg when he first came on the scene.  What he portrayed went against all I stood for even though at my young age I was not exactly a shining example of perfection.  I just was never into the guns, drugs and violence thing.  His style of gansta rap was just too…gangsta for me.

A few years ago, Snoop went to Jamaica, hung out with the local Rastas and told the world that he was converting.  I was skeptical.  He changed his name to Snoop Lion and pledged allegiance to the under-privileged of Jamaica.  I scoffed at this and as he mentioned his plans to do a reggae album with some who-is-who of Jamaican reggae, I sensed manipulation and ulterior motives.  Then I listened to the album.

On the album, Snoop interrupts the real singers with snippets about his convergence and how he was turning his back on his old ways and embracing a much softer side, filled with forgiveness and humility.  I believed him.  I also put his ‘new music’ on repeat.  It was good stuff.  Granted, he barely did more than utter a few rasta phrases while the true singers did their thing.  “Jah Rastafari!’

Then Snoop being Snoop, reverted back to his old self.  He dissed Bunny.  Who is Bunny, you asked?  Bunny Wailer is the Wailing part of the Wailers.  As in Bob Marley and The Wailers.  Bunny is a legend in the reggae genre.  Snoop can only dream about legends.  Bunny Wailer accused The Cowardly Lion of using the Rasta Movement for his own pocket, mentioning his placement of Adidas in his videos etc.  Snoop, forsaken all his born-again respect and righteousness, responded to Bunny’s accusations with personal barb, criticizing the singers’ talent and his imput to the Wailers.  Give Snoop some credit, he did manage to sound like the old Dog that some had all to love.  The hard-nosed, murdering, teen-girls-exploiting, gun-toting, drug abusing, Snoop.

You almost had me fooled, Snoopy.  Almost.  Until you messed with Bunny.  I love Bunny.

Bunny Wailer performs at the 2008 Smile Jamaic...

Bunny Wailer performs at the 2008 Smile Jamaica Concert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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