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thRecently, my cousin announced on Facebook that her mom fell and hurt herself badly.  Not surprisingly, someone who either failed to completely read the status or was just like-happy, clicked ‘like’.   What they liked about that? I really don’t know.  Some of us are a little to quick on the draw when it comes to liking statuses.  We go around clicking ‘like’ with reckless abandon.  Now, the ‘Like’ button does not come with a manual and so in this post, I will give you a few pointers on how to be a good and relevant liker.

Take the above example for instance, do you really think it deserved a ‘like’?  What’s to like?  That’s why there’s a button right next to it called, ‘comment’.  Say something sympathetic or say and do nothing.  If someone announces a birth, graduation or any personal achievement, go nuts with the ‘likes’.   Photos are perfect to be liked.  Cute baby, I think I like.  Mmmm….Food!  Big ‘Like’.  Do not like photos of crashes or someone in sticky situations, comment instead.  So sorry about your mom falling, I wish Facebook had a ‘dislike’ button so I could click on it.

And that ends my tutorial.  And you guessed it, it’s just MY TAKE

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5 thoughts on “You Liked That?

  1. rudybaal on said:

    Looking good

  2. Well I can see your point on why would someone like that status. However, on ones about crashes and such a lot of people click like because it shares it with others…so you are not really saying you “like” something bad happen it is just a way of sharing it with others on your page without actually sharing it on your wall. That is why so many news articles about bad things have likes.

  3. I totally agree (and I’m guilty of this too). “Liking” something is sort of like nodding at someone when they need a hand. It’s for the I’m-too-busy-for-you person we’ve all become. Thanks for calling it out–it’s why I’m commenting here. Love your blog, by the way.

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