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Much Ado Over A Little Tail

In India, a boy was born with a tail-like appendage attached to his back.  Due to the rarity of such a thing and especially in a religious country like India, the boy is assumed to be some kind of a deity.  People go to him for healing and prayers and it is said that some have been healed by him. One woman claimed that said she was brought out of a coma.

Looking at the video, I barely would call it a tail since it’s not an extension of his vertebrae but more like that extra pinky finger that is basically useless.  It hangs limply and one could see that it is without bone or even cartilage.  Was his tail sitting atop his butt and able to wag, then it would be worth talking about but in terms of this, there’s nothing to see here.

The little boy is now seeking to get the untail-like thing removed. Not sure how the locals would take this form of desecration.  I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade and whatever makes people happy, even if it is believing in something as a tailed-boy, then I’m all for it.  At least it makes the world a happier place with happy people, right? A bit naïve but happy.

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