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What Ever Happened To Not Negotiating With Terrorists?

Private First Class Bowe Robert Bergdahl, Unit...

Private First Class Bowe Robert Bergdahl, United States Army. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tell me that the President of the United States Of America, a country that pledged to eradicate terrorism without compromise, did not just release 5 jailed terrorists in a trade for a US Army deserter.  Never mind, it’s true, he did.  The President even went as far as to sheepishly admit that the released terrorists could possibly take up arms against the US again.  He also defended this highly questionable move as sticking with the rule that no US soldier would be left in enemy hands.  He was there for 5 years so is this a new rule? It didn’t matter if said soldier was a reluctant US soldier in the first place, whose alleged cowardly act may have cost the lives of his fellow soldiers.  That’s five giant steps backwards on the war on terror.  I meant, the ‘supposed’ war on terror.

I was of the opinion that America had a hard-line stance against terrorism.  No negotiating with terrorists.  Setting dangerous terrorists free to secure the freedom of an accused deserter is negotiating with terrorists, isn’t it? A horrible and dangerous negotiation but one just the same. What’s this? Catch-and-release?

Now the big debate is, was this a good move? Would it set a dangerous precedent? Well not really a precedent since the US is known for aligning itself with terrorists for years. You mean all these bad guys have to do is catch a soldier then bargain for the release of a few of theirs?  Or should I say, “negotiate for their release?’  If this is so, then the so-called war on terror is already lost.  News gets around.  Ever heard of ‘taking one for the team’?  How about the saying that you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet?  Remember Hiroshima? Blanket bombings in Afghanistan and Iraq? How many ‘eggs’ were broken to smoke out the bad guys?  The innocents took one for the team. Bowe could/should have taken one for the team.

How about Bowe’s family?  How would I feel if my brother/son was in that position

Just for the records, the enthusiasm expressed by the Obama Administration after orchestrating this trade-off was not shared by many of those who served with the captured American soldier, Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan.  According to some, his desertion cost the lives of other soldiers who died while looking for him after he left his post without permission.  Some are even calling for him to be charged.  If this is true, then it cast an even darker shadow on this whole deal.

Hey Obama, while you have your negotiating hat on and wheeling and dealing with terrorists, do you think you could maybe talk to Boko Haram about releasing the captured school girls?   And  please don’t offer him guns for a trade-off. 

Just My Take.




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