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Rob Ford’s No Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

world_08_temp-1384602621-52875bfd-620x348One would never thing that ‘right thing’ and Rob Ford would ever be used in the same sentence but here it is. I guess there’s always some ‘right thing’ in even the worst of us.

Yesterday, during City Council meeting, there was a moment where the members were patting themselves on the back for a job well done in terms of hosting a successful World Pride Day Parade in Toronto. Apparently everyone stood up and applaud the announcement.  Well all except Rob Ford.  Krystyn Wong-Tam, the only openly gay member took to the dais as the key catalyst for World Pride, members again stood to applaud. Again Mr. Ford stayed in his seat, drinking his coffee as though he was sitting on his deck enjoying the dog days of Summer.

As you would imagine, the dike broke soon after. (No pun). Rob was asked if he was homophobic, which he vehemently denied. Now this blog is not about whether Ford is or is not homophobic, it’s about a man doing what he thinks is the right thing.  Krystyn Wong-Tam considered the ‘sitting out’ a snub and said he could have ‘at least faked it.’  To that I say ‘no he should not have’.

See, that’s the thing with our society these days. We fake it.  We fake being true friends, we fake being family, we fake love. It’s time we wear our true colors so everyone could see what and who we really are.  Time we stay in our seats and be ourselves instead of standing up and being a Judas.  I am not a fan of Mr. Ford but I still have to respect the man for doing the right thing by sitting this one out. At least we know who he is and what he stands or sits for.

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Rob Ford’s odd, eventful day ends with an unexpected apology, of sorts, over robocalls


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2 thoughts on “Rob Ford’s No Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

  1. I agree. Too many people compromise their beliefs just to fit in and be accepted. I’m not a fan of Rob Ford’s past actions but in this case I applaud him.

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