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I Don’t Care Who Started It. Stop!

A week ago, Israel’s errant, or were they errant? bombs hit a school in the Gaza.  Inside were innocent men, women and children.  Sixteen of them perished and over one hundred and fifty were injured.  Israel immediately blamed Hamas for using the civilians as human shields and to hide weapons.  So far in this one-sided affair that is reminiscent of the biblical story of David and Goliath, almost one thousand Palestinians have been killed.  Most of them, innocent civilians. Many of them, children.  Why?  Call it what you may but to me, it’s genocide.

I am not anti-semitic or a Hamas sympathizer.   I am not taking side, just appealing for cooler heads to prevail or for the European Union and the world to do something other than look on while Israel rain down carnage on civilians.  Denounce it! Protest it! Countries have been invaded and bombed for less.  Some based on ‘suspicions’ alone.  This is not a suspicion, this is visible for all to see.  Who cares about weapons of mass destruction when a country is killing a mass of innocent people? That’s mass destruction right there.

And that’s my rant and also My Take.

Today, it was great to read that not all Jews were in favor of Israel’s slaughtering innocent people in the Gaza. Here.  I quote below:

“Demonstrators marched in silence through Midtown Manhattan on Thursday to protest the latest escalation of violence between Israel and the Palestinians.

The protesters denounced Israel’s use of force that has killed more than 1,410 Palestinians and wounded nearly 7,000, according to Gaza officials.

Demonstrators from various groups came together. Some wore white face masks, most wore black shirts and held signs reading “War Crimes”, “End the Siege on Gaza” and “We Will Not Be Silent” among others.

According to organizers, the demonstrators wore black and marched in silence to honor all of those in Gaza who have been killed by Israeli shelling.

The “march of the dead” ended at the Israeli Consulate.

“The protest today is a follow up on many demonstrations taking place in the last two or three weeks in regards to what is happening in Gaza. As Jewish people joining these pro-Palestinian demonstrations, we say that all of what’s happening in Palestine – the actions of the state of Israel against the Palestinian people, now or going back decades, this entire occupation and oppression – this is not supported by all Jews and certainty not condoned by Jewish religion,” said Rabbi Dovid Feldman from Neturei Karta International, Jews United Against Zionism.

“This is sad. This is a catastrophe to us, all peoples and we hope that this will stop,” he added.

Tzvia said, “Hundreds of children are killed. Where is U.N.? Where are the people in America? Where are the enlightened countries? Where are they?”

“I’m terribly upset and terribly angry at what Israel is doing. They are murdering people in my name as a Jew and I’m paying for it,” said Fran Korotzer referring to the U.S. tax dollars spent to support Israel.

On July 8, Israel launched its offensive after rocket fire from Gaza intensified.

Fifty-six Israeli soldiers have been killed in Gaza clashes and more than 400 wounded. Three civilians have been killed by Palestinian shelling in Israel.”






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12 thoughts on “I Don’t Care Who Started It. Stop!

  1. rafimaxdover on said:

    If only it were that simple…
    Every innocent death is a tragedy, and nothing I or anyone else can say or do will ever make it better. However, that does not necessarily mean that those performing the act are in the wrong – they could well be – but in this case I think when assessing all of the evidence and opinion from both sides it is clear to me that Israel is not solely to blame.
    Also, while there are more deaths than anyone (except maybe Hamas) would like, this is certainly not genocide. If Israel wanted to commit genocide, every Gazan would be dead already, as Israel has enough firepower to flatten the Gaza Strip and all of its residents in a matter of minutes. This does not mean that what Israel is doing is right (there are good arguments either way), but genocide it ain’t.
    Also, countries have not been invaded for less. Compared to other conflicts around the world such as Iraq (one of the pretexts for invasion was the deaths of at least 50,000 Kurds), 1,300 deaths, however horrific, is not very many.

    Finally, we can all hope and pray (as a religious Jew, I do too) for an end to all this. However, what we must not do is allow the crimes of Hamas to go unrecognised.

    • I appreciate and like your level headed comments. Being a pacifist I would never see the need for violence, wanton violence that hurts the innocents more than the actual perpetrators is foolish. I realize Hamas is not exactly the ‘Nice old woman next door’, but Israel would do a lot for their image if they could exhaust other methods and dispense with the eye-for-an-eye, tooth-for-a-tooth practice. As we can see, killing women and children is not working.

      • rafimaxdover on said:

        While I really sympathise with what you are saying, I think you must realise that it is very easy for you to say that and not so easy for Israel to do that. Imagine if people who lived five miles from you were lobbing bombs at you and your government decided that the best course of action was to do nothing and wait for it to calm down. I know I wouldn’t be very happy…

      • There is always an alternative solution. Always. Considering the death toll. 1400 Palestinians of which most are civilians versus 58 Israelis of which 56 were soldiers, I would hesitate to encourage my Government to wipe out my exasperating neighbors based on the level of the playing field and the lives involved. Might it be best for Israel to end this once and for all and pull a Hiroshima on its neighbors? Would that end the violence? Would it keep Hamas from hurling rocks at Israel? I understand it’s more than this but seriously, look at the big scope of it. Is it worth it to endanger civilians especially if in the end it still won’t stop Hamas from ‘lobbing bombs’ at its neighbor. Yes, maybe it’s time for Israel to wipe them out completely. That may be the only guarantee that it won’t ever be bugged again. Well there’s still Iran…

      • rafimaxdover on said:

        Again, what you’re saying sounds great in theory but you have to remember it is a government’s first duty to guarantee the physical safety of its citizens. Israel has a responsibility to do something about rocket fire. If it does not it is a failed government. It is for this reason that support for Protective Edge is above 90% in Israel itself – and that figure means that even Israel’s left is largely behind the operation.

      • Even at the risk of bombing refugees in a UN controlled school? I am sure many Israelis support the bombing of the Gaza, if it makes them sleep better in their beds. Although it seems that the risk of getting hit by Hamas less-than-effective weapons are minimal. To me, it seems selfish to care about the physical safety of your citizens but disregard the safety of innocent civilians who are not Israelis. When hospitals and schools are caught in the crossfire, I think it’s time to step back and survey. Maybe being anti-war tends to skewer my vision on this a bit…

      • rafimaxdover on said:

        First of all, I don’t really know anyone pro-war, to me being anti-war is basically equivalent to being sane, so I don’t expect that the cloud any judgement.
        First of all, unlike most people on both sides I don’t like to comment on individual acts, simply because no-one can ever know the full story of one action without being there, especially in a scenario like this one where we can’t really trust a lot of the information that we are receiving.
        However, I think I can talk about when Israel decides to push the red button when it knows that there are multiple civilians in the targeted building. It is an unfortunate truth that these strikes are taking place, but it is also an unfortunate truth that there are weapons, ready to be fired on other, Israeli civilians in these buildings. Another unfortunate truth is that Hamas does not bother protecting its civilians. That most basic of safety devices, the air-raid siren. would have saved dozens, if not hundreds of lives had it been installed en masse in Gaza.
        You say it is ‘selfish’ for a military to prioritise its own civilians over foreign ones. I would contend that this is pretty much the point of a military. If only Hamas did the same…

      • If someone in your house kept throwing rocks at the neighbour’s house, would you be ok if the neighbours drop a bomb on your house to stop it?

      • rafimaxdover on said:

        Hamas’ rockets are not rocks. The assertion that Hamas’ rockets are harmless is one of the biggest lies being told about this conflict.
        A better analogy would be “if your neighbour kept trying to kill you in the same way, to the point that ypu are quite good a defending yourself from it, but you’re still at risk, and the police does nothing. Can you then take mates in you’re own hands? I think you can.

      • I understand and appreciate your comments although I think they are mostly biased based on your being a Jew. Hamas is maybe a terrorist organization but it still doesn’t make sense to wipe out innocent kids by the hundreds just to kill one or two terrorists. I think that makes you a terrorist yourself, or at least no better than the terrorist. It’s time to step back and re-evaluate this tactic. Israel may have had more kills than Hamas but this is a war that they are losing.
        Sometimes doing the right thing could be unpopular and costly but there is only one right thing. It’s time the Government do the right thing. Stop killing innocent people.

      • rafimaxdover on said:

        This conversation ends here. You just called me a terrorist for saying it is the israeli army’s responsibility to put Israelis first, and that Hamas should put their civilians first. Sorry, but I just don’t feel like I can talk to people like you – I don’t think I am the biased one here.

      • I am sorry if you mistook my comments as saying you are a terrorist. I have no such thoughts. In fact I really appreciated the way you laid out your opinion without forcing them down my throat. I understand that being a Israeli, your first reaction is revenge at any cost. What I am trying to say though is if in avenging, you exact a toll on innocent human lives without remorse and continue to do so with blatant disregard, then you must agree that this makes you just as bad as the terrorists. I was just reading a little bit of news where ex president Clinton was claiming that he had a chance to take out Osama Bin Laden…In his own words:
        “I could have killed him, but I would have to destroy a little town called Kandahar in Afghanistan and kill 300 innocent women and children. And then I would have been no better than him. And so I didn’t do it.”
        So I am not alone in my thinking. I apologize for any miscommunications that may arise from the way I set out my opinion and as I said before, appreciate your comments and sympathize with you and the other innocent Jews living in fear of Hamas. I still don’t think it gives Israel the right to slaughter the innocents.

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