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No News Is Good News

Not too long ago, I never missed the evening news. Sure some of it was bad but it had the perfect balance. A feel-good story here, a light-hearted story there, it was just the thing to wind down an evening. We’ll not anymore.

Last night as we lay in bed, my wife and I turned to the late night news for want of nothing better to watch. It started with the protest in Missouri over the shooting of an black unarmed teen by a white cop then an update on the bloody situation over in Iraq where Christians were being slaughtered like hogs by the militant group ISIS. Next up was Libya, didn’t the USA fix that place when they killed Gaddafi? There was another bloody civil unrest going on there too. The news then returned to US soil, thankfully. I was done hearing about wars and bloody killings.

I then learned that two young Amish sisters, 7 and 12 were abducted while they manned their vegetable stand at the side of the street. They were intended to be sexually molested by a couple. Fortunately the kids were found safe. Russia in the Ukraine, more violence in Syria, shaky truce in the Gaza, threat of an Ebola pandemic…I reached out and pressed the ‘off’ button.

With thoughts of the dead, dying and suffering running through my head, I tried to sleep, vowing never again to watch the news.


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