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Our Dispensable Race

MailmasterTina Fontaine was only 15 years old.  She should have been getting ready for the start of the new school  year. Instead her lifeless body was dragged from a Winnipeg river on Sunday.  Murdered.  Another statistic. Another aboriginal.

Last March, after watching a news story of yet another missing aboriginal woman, I was moved to write a blog about it.  Unfortunately, it never got past the draft topic.  A week ago, I had to re-visit it after the tragic tale of young Tina Fontaine made the news.  As awful as it may sound, it is realistic to think that we are as a nation are doing very little to give this issue the publicity it deserves.  “Oh, it’s just another native woman.  She was probably hooking or homeless.”  I have heard it.  Too many times.  They are swept under the bureaucratic rug.  Police has no time to spend investigating missing street walkers, especially if they are natives.  The Government has no interest in opening up an inquiry into it.  While they dither, perverts and creeps ply their trade on these vulnerable people with reckless abandon.  It’s a national tragedy. A travesty. A humanitarian crisis.

Yes, our aboriginals are known for their issues. Issues that have been compounded by society.  At the end of the day, they are humans too and deserving of the same protection afforded to all Canadians.  After all, they are the true Canadians, aren’t they?

RIP Tina.  We failed you.


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