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OP Is The New OJ

English: Oscar Pistorius during 2011 World cha...

English: Oscar Pistorius during 2011 World championships Athletics in Daegu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And just like that, Oscar Pistorius is basically off the hook for the killing of his girlfriend.  Sounds like the latest O.J Simpson? Maybe, maybe not. No one really knows the truth but God and Oscar. Although his story may seem a bit weak and he is known to be aggressive,  it still leaves a faint chance that he could still very well be innocent.

In the end, it was up to the court but everyone is a judge, jury and executioner in their own minds and I’m not exception.  In my court the verdict would have been, “Oscar Pistorius, the court of Carlos has found you guilty of murdering your girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.  The court has decided to give you maximum sentence base on circumstantial evidence.”   But who cares what I think? It has no bearing on the case and after all, it’s only…

My Take…and maybe, just maybe, he’s innocent after all.


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