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I Am Not A Racist But Those Indians…

As a person of color, a black man, I have heard it all.  The veiled racist comments, the not-so-veiled ones, the ill-timed apologies for saying something that had racial undertones for fear it would offend me, yes I have heard it.  What always gets to me though is when someone says to me,  “I am not racist but I can’t stand those Indians!” Then they go into a rant about the ‘lazy and drunk Natives’.  No racism there.  I feel so much better knowing that at least they could stand me, which makes them no racist.

I am sorry, well not really sorry, but if that’s how you feel about ANY race, then here’s your card, you are racist and ignorant!  Oops, pardon my directness. Well not really pardon. You see, racism is not always black and white, it’s a racial thing. Every human is from a race, one can’t pick and choose which race they accept and which they don’t, after all, we are all from the same race when it boils down to it.  The Human Race.

It’s usually just My Take but I have a feeling those ‘Indians’ feel the same way as I do…


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