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Frank Friday: How About That Other Guy?

Just over a week ago a terrible tragedy took place in Canada, a normally peaceful and relatively quiet country was rocked by an act of terror.  No, I’m not talking about the Ottawa shooting.  I am talking about the soldiers who were ran over by a suspected Islamist radical. One soldier unfortunately did not survive his injuries.  53 year-old Patrice Vincent, a 28-year veteran was that soldier.  His records show that he served in various capacity with the Canadian forces with distinction. A brave soldier fallen by a cowardly act of terror.  You may or may not have heard of him.

Two days later, a crazed gunman shot and killed a young handsome soldier as he stood guarding a memorial. His name you might have heard was Nathan Cirillo.  The country was in mourning for Nathan, overshadowing what occurred a few days earlier. What was also lost was the madman’s rampage was stopped by Sergeant-at-arms, 58 year-old Kevin Vickers.  My apologies if you also did not hear about this.

Queen Elizabeth also sent her condolences over the death of Nathan Cirillo. She forgot that other guy.  Equally dead. Equally murdered. Equally a brave man. Why the discrepancy?  Is there one?  You tell me…Maybe it’s just all in my head and it’s all just My Take.

Note:  As of this draft, it was announced that Prince Charles has made a ‘substantial’ donation of equal amount to the families of both soldiers. Good on you, Charlie boy!


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