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Those Halloween Sickos Make Me Sick!

There are some people who use Halloween as a time to engage in their sick games. Games that could be deadly to victims.  Victims who are kids.  Today, my 6 year-old brought home a letter from his school.  The letter stated that at lunch, a student from a neighbouring school found a needle in his candy that he got while trick or treating.  I can bet it wasn’t accidentally placed there.  Someone obviously thought it was fun to put needles in candies that innocent kids would eat.  Now what did that person think would happen to the kids after digesting a needle? That they would laugh and see humor in it?  Is this where the ‘trick’ part of ‘trick or treat’ comes in?

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident.  It’s quite common to hear.  The worst part is, you can never tell who is the sicko. It could be the friendly old guy who smiled as he placed a handful of candies in little Jessica’s bag. Or maybe his grandson thought it would be funny if he spiked Grandpa’s halloween treats. You never know.  Fortunately, this student was uninjured but the potential was there for a very bad ending.

A friend of mine complained that the Halloween tradition is slowing fading due to malls handing out candies in a controlled environment.  She wasn’t too fond of parents who took this easy route, it was like cheating.  I agreed with her.  After this, I don’t.  The mall might be the best way to go.  Let’s hope it is.

Those sickos/psychos are darn lucky that we never know…but someone knows…


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