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Our Soldiers Are The Real Heroes

There’s just something about a war veteran that enthralls me.  To me they are like deep vessels containing so much experience. Experiences that would cause many of us to faint. Acts of bravery, seeing their friends blown to smithereens, the sound of incoming rockets, looking into the eyes of the enemy before their bullet pierced his chest…yes, these brave guys have seen it and heard it.

Yet here they stand among us, some barely remembered except for Remembrance Day.  Even the government that sent them out to fight their fights have forgotten about them.  They are the faceless, the nameless and sadly, the homeless.  Our heroes are greedy overpaid hockey players who go on strike for more money.  And get it.  These men were never promised riches yet they were willing to sacrifice their lives for our future, so that we could enjoy a good game of hockey, watching Bobby Orr or Wayne Gretzky.

There are  not too many of them remaining from WWI and WWII but there’s one that shows up at every Winnipeg Jets’ game., Len Kropioski.  He is shown on the jumbotron at the end of ‘O Canada’, his arm raised in salute.  I enjoy watching him and sought him out when I attend Jets’ games.  As I stare at him on the screen, I wonder what he must have seen and wishing I could sit with him while he regales me with his stories.  Did you shoot anyone, sir? Did you see your friend die? How did you feel? Did you ever regret it? Sir, you are the real hero. 

My wife’s grandfather was also a war veteran.  Unfortunately, he took his stories with him when he died.  He never discussed what he saw or did.  One day, my hero at the Jet’s game would fail to show up.  The hero outside the Salvation Army store would not be there.  Some of us would not notice but the rest of us will always remember…

I am a pacifist, which means I am anti-war. This does not mean I would allow myself the ignorance of not recognizing what these brave men and women have done to secure a free world for the rest of us.  They fought battles with enemies they didn’t know or had a beef with.  Many knew not what the fight was about or who started it but off to battle they went bravely.  To countries outside of their farmlands.  Countries they never heard of.  I recognize and salute bravery. Today, I salute these people who served and who are serving. God bless you!

Note:  Sometimes we seem to forget those soldiers who continue to carry the baton. Fighting to maintain peace and keep away the enemies who threaten our peace.  They are heroes too. When we hear of war veterans, we also see the face of an old man but lest we forget, many great women fought and died also.  LEST WE FORGET.

My wife’s Grandpa.


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4 thoughts on “Our Soldiers Are The Real Heroes

  1. Good piece! Brings tears to my eyes

  2. We should always remember those brave people who fought for our country. I am always reminded because our company provides services for clients who are veterans and some of them have shared their stories with us. Sadly we have lost several over the past few years and the numbers are dwindling. God bless them all!

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