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Racism Or Ignorance?

Today I read with disdain, the news that three effigies of blacks were found hanging by nooses at the Berkeley Campus of the University of California.  As we speak, tensions are high in the US with the past shootings of blacks by police under suspicious circumstances.  Stories like the above add fuel to an already smouldering fire that is threatening to turn into a firestorm.

Now is this just some idiot thinking it was funny to take advantage of what is happening in the USA? Or using it as a springboard to air his or her racist agenda? Or just some ignoramus thinking something like this is funny and could make it on the evening news?  Either way, it’s dumb, stupid, ignorant and totally unacceptable!

It’s painful to read and watch something like this.  We are trying to build bridges to create two-way traffic between races but as we build, there are some who insist on demolishing these bridges.  These cowardly creeps use the cover of night to sneak up and destroy the hard work of those who seek to make this world a place where all people regardless of color are treated equally.  Is it ignorance? Is it racism? Ignorance breeds racism, racism is the product of ignorance.  Ignorance creates fear, fear makes people do stupid things.

Unless the world sees a Global societal cleansing, the wheels on this vicious cycle will continue to turn…

Just My Take.



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