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Christmas Loving

There’s a popular Christmas song called, ‘Give Love On Christmas Day’.  It has been around for a while yet no one thinks anything of it.  Yeah, let’s show love on Christmas day, what’s wrong with that?  Well what about the other 364 days of the year? It’s fine not to show love on those days as long as we remember to show it on Christmas day?

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. One of the main reasons is not the gifts or the shopping, it’s the friendliness of everyone.  The smiling faces, the warm holiday greetings, the coming together of family and friends, the love.  It’s palpable.  Unfortunately, it’s also temporary.  It’s not easily maintained.  Now my question is, why can’t we love all year? Why can’t we be nice all year? Something to note here, many of us, myself included, usually feel a letdown of sorts immediately after Christmas.  A sadness that we can’t explain.  It’s actually a withdrawal.  It’s like coming down from a high.  For about a week, you are surrounded by so much love and laughter and you wake up one morning and you are back to the grind. Where’s the love and laughter? Be patient, only 364 more days.

Some might say ‘The year is so busy that it’s difficult to really share love or hang out with friends and family so Christmas is the perfect time.’ But Christmas is also one of the busiest times of the year, so how is it we could find the time to hang and share love then?

Most of the Christmas songs out there, encourage us to smile, love, laugh, have fun at Christmas.  Again, how about the other 364 days?  Other songs tell us that ‘Everyone is happy on this day’.  Really? That should be changed to, ‘Everyone SHOULD be happy on this day’.  For the unfortunate ones, Christmas is really just another day.

My Take.


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