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Pass Me The Avocado With Coconut Oil and Don’t Forget The Oolong Tea

A few weeks ago while shopping at my local Costco, I overheard a woman asking a clerk for help in finding coconut oil. Nothing wrong with that but it made me think.  Not that long ago, when I first came to Canada from the Caribbean, the very word ‘coconut’ was an island thing, something the tourists sampled to take selfies showing they were indeed on vacation. No one outside of the islands knew much about it.  No one knew that growing up, coconut was a regular staple in every household.  The branches made excellent cricket bats, the dried husks were great for starting fires, the coconut water was the perfect mix for alcohol, especially brandy.  Coconut jelly, which was the meat of a young coconut was eaten with a spoon made from the shell of the coconut, when dried, the meat was used to make coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a versatile product, but by now you know this.  it can be used for various recipes, healthy skin and even cure for ailments.  Heated, it was applied to my chest and back as a kid when I had a cold. That was many years ago. Now the benefits of coconut is filtering through to North America, just like the avocado, another island staple.

Next time you are looking for coconut, remember, I saw it first.




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2 thoughts on “Pass Me The Avocado With Coconut Oil and Don’t Forget The Oolong Tea

  1. Marlena on said:

    You’re funny!!!

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