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50 Shades Of Wrongness

What a twisted world we live in.  How could our kids understand it when their parents are just as confused? A few months ago, a popular radio personality, Jian Ghomeshi, was accused of having BDSM sex with his unwilling partners.  Women across the country called for his head as more came forward with accusations that they too were victims. Fast forward to present day, again women across the country and the world alike are again coming forward in regards to BDSM sex.  The exception? This time they are lining up to watch the movie based on the popular book, Fifty Shades Of Grey.  Is it me or is this some kinda distorted and warped sense of right and wrong?

Now I am not judging anyone on their sexual preference.  Bondage sex is not my cup of tea but if one choose to engage within the confines and privacy of their bedrooms, then it’s their prerogative.  Making it mainstream and allowing it to play in theaters? I am not so sure about that.  Some say it’s a love story, I say it’s porn but it’s just…



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