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Black History Month: Martin Died For This?

It’s Black History Month in North America.  A month when we blacks take a look back at where we were and where we are.  We salute those who paved the way for us, the pioneers, the fighters, the icons.  I am not particularly an active partaker of this celebration for various reasons.  It’s not that I’m not proud to be black or proud of the achievements of people like Martin Luther King.  It’s just that I feel that in order to live as one, we need to celebrate as one. Not as a color.  I celebrate culture, not color.  But that’s not the intent of this post.

Today, I look at the where my race is in terms of carrying on the legacy left by King and others. Rappers making spectacles of themselves, singing proudly about guns, drugs and crime. Spitting cringe-worthy lyrics and telling the world how the ‘game’ has made them millionaires.  I watch them take the stage at prestigious awards, wearing outrageous outfits but still proud of where they are and what they are doing and how they look.  I read about their parties where drugs of different varieties are proudly consumed and blacks fight blacks for street cred.  Embarrassing that grown men with families are caught up in this ‘game’. Is this what King died for?  Was this his dream?  To see blacks over-populate the prisons? To see blacks calling each other ‘N***ers’?  A name drenched in pain.

Obama is President of the greatest country in the world. A black man, yes but for every Obama, there are thousands more Bobby Shmurdas and Kanye Wests.  Yes, there are legitimate rappers/hiphop artistes out there who are role models but again, for everyone of these, there are…yes, you got it, thousands more Nickys and Rihannas.

Don’t mean to rain on the BHM parade but seriously? Maybe instead of having a month where we celebrate black accomplishments, we could use that month to draw attention to what is ailing the black man and how it could be fixed.  A month spent looking back is a month wasted.

To those who paved the way so that blacks could be free, I am proud of you. Would you be proud of us now?

Just My Take




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