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Can God And Fear Co-exist?

I was chatting to someone recently about fear.  This person is a Christian but lives a life filled with fear.  Fear and anxiety of the unknown.  I used her faith to explain that with God, we really shouldn’t be fearful.  She did not buy it so it made me think of it a bit more.  Could and should we as Christians be fearful?

In my opinion, we shouldn’t.  Our faith in God should not allow us to fear and if we do have fear, it could mean that our faith is not as strong as we think.  I could say that with conviction because I sometimes have anxiety and fear also.  What I noticed though, is that my fears are often at its highest when my faith is at its lowest.  I was able to determine that the closer I was to God, the less fearful I was.

Peter was able to walk on water until her thought of what he was doing.  Instead of letting go and letting God, he let go.  Period.  Philippians 4:6 says ‘Be anxious about nothing’ and in 4:13 goes on to say ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’  If this is the case, what is really there to fear?

As Christians, our beliefs are rooted in the fact that we have security and protection walking with our Father.  We know what awaits us when we die.  Why then should we be fearful of the present and the future? Because our faith is weak.

And that’s MY TAKE.


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2 thoughts on “Can God And Fear Co-exist?

  1. I agree. God repeatedly tells us not to fear and to believe that He will take care of us. However, because we are human, we have a tendency to fear when we don’t know what is going to happen and we allow the fear to take control of our lives instead of allowing God to control our lives. When we fear something, we are basically telling God that we don’t think He can help us, that we believe we are in control of our own lives and somehow we have to deal with our own problems. I used to have a lot of fears but as my faith grows stronger, I find it much easier to give my fears to God and life is a lot more peaceful.

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