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OMG! They Killed Cecil! And A Lion Too!

My favorite animal has always been the lion.  So regal, so strong and fierce.  King of the jungle, uncontested.  I have a lion as my computer background and hanging on my walls. Maybe it’s the leo in me.  Even with that, I still could not conjure up nothing more than disgust at the wanton killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe.  Yes, I agree with the masses that it was callous, selfish, immature and criminal but after that, I shrug and moved on to bigger and more pressing things.  Know why?  Because at the end of the day, it is still a lion.  Innocent and all but a lion nevertheless.

God entrusted the care of animals to us.  He also entrusted us to care for our fellow humans.  Sometimes we forgo the care of our brothers in our zeal to care for the animals, fighting for animal rights while human rights are neglected.  In Zimbabwe, the current regime violates the rights of its people daily but it took the killing of one lion to get our attention focused on that forgotten part of the world. What happens in Africa stays in Africa unless it’s the killing of Cecil.

To put this whole fiasco in perspective, while we North Americans and around the globe are protesting and demonstrating, calling for the head of the dentist perp, Zimbabweans barely even register a ripple.  Many were oblivious of the attention their country was getting over the killing of the big cat.  “What? you mean all this is over the killing of a lion?” Said one incredulous Zimbabwean when told about the viral report of Cecil’s demise.  Shocked probably that the world stopped and paid attention to their country over a lion’s death but are unfazed over the escalating murder of its people.

The people of Zimbabwe have bigger issues to deal with. Apparently, we don’t. Here are a few to chew on:  Boko Haram kidnaps school children regularly to use as sex slaves or child laborers.  Just a few days ago, he and his militants slit the throats of 40 Christian fishermen.  Where is the international outcry?  Starvation kills countless daily around the world and especially Africa, raise your placards demanding we do more to fight this.  School shootings, missing women, so many issues worthy of our attention…While Cecil’s death is now viral news, it never even made the front page in Zimbabwe.  They are more concerned with their countries escalating human rights violations.  I am not condoning this evil but simply putting it in perspective.

Know why Dr. Palmer killed the lion? Because he was bored. Know why we care so much?  Because we are bored. Or too scared to face our own bigger issues.  Instead we blow up petty stuff like Bruce changing into Caitlyn.  To divert our attention from the bigger picture, we focus on the smaller picture.  Unfortunately, that won’t make it go away.  Cecils with human faces are dying.  Innocent HUMANS.  Protest that!

Just My Take.


Protesters hold signs during a rally outside the River Bluff Dental clinic against the killing of a famous lion in Zimbabwe, in Bloomington, Minnesota July 29, 2015. REUTERS/Eric Miller



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