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Exercise Your Right, Vote!

Canadians are gearing up to vote for the candidate who is best suited to run the country.  In their opinion.  It’s a difficult process and sometimes, much like choosing your poison.  Many of us would rather not choose our poison, thanks to those candidates who make big promises that they never fill, but as bad as these men and women might be, someone has to run the country and no matter how hard we try, we would never find one that’s perfect.

No vote is a bad vote except a ‘no vote’.  Don’t feel inclined or pressured to vote based on who your friends are voting for or who the ads tell you to vote for.  Vote for the person YOU think would be the least to renege on their promises, the one who addresses the issues that you need addressed.  Economy? Healthcare? Child Benefits?  What you hold dear is not necessarily what everyone holds dear.  Research if you are not sure.

If you listen to the media and even family and friends, you would be hard-pressed to find a suitable party.  Trudeau is too young, Mulcair’s party is in disarray, Harper is for the rich, etc.  So who is left?

Maybe they are all the same, or maybe not.  Maybe the one who was NOT the same lost because YOU didn’t vote.  Get out there and vote! It’s your right.


My Take


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