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Lessons my dog taught me

It’s been about over a year now since we got Reilly, our Lab cross.  She is all grown now but technically still a pup.  I would be telling a lie if I said that I have no regrets about getting a dog. I was never really a dog lover. I tolerated them and give them just the right attention, but they were like grandchildren to grandparents, give them attention and treats then send them home to their parents.  For some strange reason, the wife and I decided that having a dog would be great for the kids.  Plus they promised they would do all the dog duties.

I envisioned getting a dog like my friends’.  One that sits and cuddles and walks around the house without wanting to eat everything, including the house.  A dog that I could take walking or jogging and he would not trip me.  I could even ride my bike while he trots alongside.  I am not dreaming, I have seen such dogs! And that’s the dog I wanted.  What I got was Reilly.  The total opposite.

Reilly is as cute as any dog could be. She just wants to play, my wife always says when I am mad at her for not complying, even after being told over and over and over again. Yes, I have done the treats thing, some obedience classes and whatever you were going to prescribed. She’s still just a puppy, everyone says that too.

A puppy is like a little baby.  Always exploring and getting into things, so it was no reason for me to flip my lid over poor Reilly’s inability to comprehend that Daddy gets mad when she goes upstairs or sits on the couch or grab edible and non-edible items off the tables. She’s just a baby or a puppy. The thing is though, I wasn’t ready for another baby. With 3 little boys, I had my hands full. What was I thinking?  Or was I even thinking?

Having Reilly has taught me a few things.  As hard as rabid dog lovers/owners try to push dogs on everyone, they are NOT for everyone. Just like kids aren’t for everyone.  It’s totally ok, you or anyone else do not HAVE TO love dogs. No, just like you don’t HAVE TO love or want kids.  Just don’t abuse them is all you need to do. Many of my friends are anti-kids.  Doesn’t mean that I won’t trust my kids with them.

Dogs, like kids, can also grow on you.  They could be therapeutic as they are very forgiving and trusting. One of my most disgusting pet peeves was seeing dog hair on people’s clothing.  Eew! I couldn’t have a dog in our house that leaves its hair all over the place, no way! Now I barely notice the strands of Reilly’s hair that decorate my clothes as I leave for work. Or even the odd stray hidden in my food.  I probably have a small fur-ball growing in my stomach by now anyways.

Yes, dogs and kids can teach us some lessons.  If we could only stick around long enough.



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One thought on “Lessons my dog taught me

  1. Marlena on said:

    Awesome book for training dogs is called ” Monks of New Skeet, The Art of raising a Puppy”. Super helpful, incase you wanted to try

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