Merry Christmas! Or Whatever…

I absolutely love Christmas! It’s the most depressing time of year for me but also the happiest. Yes I know, weird huh? I will explain that a bit later as it’s not about me here. Well not entirely or directly.

I don’t believe in Christmas. OMG! I did it again! More weirdness. Confusing the heck out of my readers. Have a drink and come back. I promise, all will be explained.

Christmas, as per Christianity, is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. We can all agree on this nugget. The problem is, if you drill down deeper, the origin of Christmas has nothing to do with the actual birth of Jesus! Still with me? The day was originally celebrated as the winter solstice or a sun worshiping holiday or a variety of celebrations far removed from a birthday celebration for Jesus.

Many, like me, do not believe this day has any significance to the holy birth. Many argue against celebrating it. I don’t. Like I said, I love Christmas!

Here’s my take, if for a few weeks out of a year, a vast majority of earthlings, who normally a live selfish existence, are transformed into caring and giving human beings, who cares what their reason for celebrating is? What’s not to love? Strangers greeting you with well wishes and smiles, macho dudes taking flowers to their moms, your mean auntie sending you gifts like you are here favorite nephew or neice… That’s what makes it the happiest day of the year!

So why am I depressed if all the stars are aligned to bring such happiness to the world? Well I grew up in a poor household in a small Caribbean island. Things were much simpler then and the little things at Christmas brought me unparalleled happiness. No gifts, no big dinners, just church, friends, family and community. I never paid much attention to the actual meaning of reason for Chritsmas back then, all I knew is that it was a fun time and everyone was happy and what little we have, we made it special. Although Christmas in Canada is filled with lots of gifts-getting and drinks guzzling, I still yearn for the days of old.

So, whatever your reason is for celebrating, have a merry one!

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