You Can Be Whatever You Want. Except That and That and also That

Note:  I was going through my drafts and found that I had many, dating back over 8 years!  I decided to clean them up by deleting or posting those that I think should be posted.  This one was from 2014).

Why do we tell someone that they could be whatever they want but as soon as they try to do just that, we criticize and try our best to undermine their quest?  We tell others ‘don’t me an idiot’ but what if that’s what they wanted to be?  There’s always room for another politician.   Why tell someone ‘don’t be an ass.’  when it seems like that’s exactly what they want to be?  They have the necessary qualifications that make them the right person for the job so why stop them?  (I have worked for some who were actually over qualified to be asses and idiots).

Should we be careful next time or should we continue to use the cliche? We may tell our sons and daughters that it is quite ok to be gay and they need not be afraid to live it out, but our homophobic actions and comments speak differently.  Hypocritical isn’t it?

So in reality, it’s really, “You can be whatever society wants you to be” shouldn’t it?

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